My kind of trivia

Tonight Jon and I headed to Johnny’s to meet up with friends for some trivia. I love me some trivia but I am usually not much help in the answers department. Tonight was different. The reason? The theme for the night was Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and if you know me at all you know this is right up my alley!

Trivia at Johnny’s has four rounds with eight questions and one question each round pertains to the theme.  The one downside to trivia at Johnny’s is that it was so smokey!  I left smelling like an ashtray!

I thought I would know all the answers for real housewives but there were two that stumped me. For you mathwizzes, yes, that means I did not know half the questions I should have. Thankfully Shannon knew one of the ones I didn’t. 

My saving grace? Knowing that the mermaid in the movie Splash was named Madison. No one else on my team knew that – thank you childhood! My sisters and I watched Splash quite a few times when we were growing up. Our team came in first and I am sure it was all thanks to me 🙂

Our twins met us there! Shannon and I both showed up in grey shirts, green jackets and tan purses. Jon and Adam were both sporting green jackets. What are the chances?!


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2 Responses to My kind of trivia

  1. Shannon says:

    SO much fun! Thanks for inviting us!

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