My new winter accessory

On Sunday, Jon and I headed to Frothy Monkey in 12th South for lunch.  It was hopping so we had to park on a side street nearby and walk.  Lunch was so good – I had the Cortez which is a curry chicken salad sandwich and a mocha monkey coffee!  We used a scoutmob deal and got 50% off – score!  If you have an iPhone and scoutmob is in your city you should definitely download the free app.  It saves all the current scoutmobs so Jon and I check it when we feel like eating out but don’t have a specific place in mind.  The deals are usually for 50% off up to a certain amount.

Back to the point of this post…

When we parked on the street, to the right of the sidewalk was a bunch of weedy overgrowth.  And right on the edge…my new winter accessory!  A red flowery crocheted headband/ear warmer.  How cute is this?

I noticed it as soon as we got out of the car but didn’t want to take it just in case someone was looking for it (even though it was in the weeds and had obviously been there awhile).  Well, I figured that an hour of lunch and coffee was enough time for someone to realize they lost it and come looking for it, right?!  I brought it home and washed it just in case there were any bugs in there from the weeds.  Can’t wait for the temperature to drop later this week so I can start wearing my new free accessory!

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2 Responses to My new winter accessory

  1. Picking things up off the street now, huh?? Does Jon not let you go shopping anymore? 🙂 Your “new” headband is very Katie-fabulous!

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