Being an adult is expensive!

Since we are moving to Atlanta in the next few months I have already started applying for jobs.  For some reason Jon doesn’t think it is feasible for me to be a Real Housewife.  I know, crazy.  I have had good luck in hearing back from the employers I have submitted applications to and hope to be headed to ATL to interview in person in the next week or two.  *Fingers crossed*

I figured a minor wardrobe update was in order especially in the suit department!  I am pretty sure the last time I wore a suit was 2007…  so I head to The Limited at the recommendation of Amanda.  She even told me that they currently have a buy one, get one 50% off on pants & jackets.  Score!!  I give you the before and after.

PS- Velour suits are still in and you wish you had my green uggs and sense of style.

But adult clothes are sooo expensive!  My target budget was in shock when I saw the receipt!  This was for three shirts that were on sale and two business suits that were also on sale.

C’mon Limited how about a little BOGO action.

Jon had to talk me off the ledge since he has more expensive sophisticated style than me.  Keep your fingers crossed that these babies get me gainfully employed in ATL.

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4 Responses to Being an adult is expensive!

  1. Val says:

    BUT…how much did you save? 🙂

    • Katie Cherry says:

      I know I saved a good amount but it just makes me think they are upcharging their clothes. That is probably why I like kohls too. Everything is always on sale there! See you tomorrow!

  2. Emily says:

    What !?! $405.00 for The Limited? You better interview & SLEEP in those suits! haha : )

    • Katie Cherry says:

      For real! I think I am going to wear one for interviews and while interviewing figure out if I will be wearing a suit regularly. If not one of those babies is going back.

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