Best of Nashville: Flyte

A few weeks ago Jon and I went to Flyte for happy hour.   It has been on our list of restaurants to try; even though we only live about a mile away we just never think to go there.  Well, I am happy to report that we won’t forget about going back anytime soon.  Flyte offers the best kind of happy hour – one in which they discount drinks and food!

Flyte was voted Nashville’s Best in quite a few categories: original menu, restaurant, ambiance, service, wine bar and happy hour! Dang!  I would definitely agree with the readers – we sat at the bar and the service was great and the happy hour offerings were plentiful.  If you haven’t tried Flyte’s happy hour do yourself a favor and get over there!  They offer happy hour Tuesday – Sunday from 4:30 – 7:30.  You might even run into us there tomorrow night 🙂

If you are more interested in eating a meal at Flyte, there is currently a scoutmob discount good through September 5th although you can not use this on any happy hour items.  The discount is 50% with $20 off being the most you can get off (so 50% off $40 or less). 

As you can see from their flyer below they have quite a few discounted options.  I failed at getting a picture of all the food options but there are 15-20 food items discounted.  They had housemade cured meats and all kinds of other goodies. 

Jon sampled the beer offerings on tap and the ones that were discounted.  I opted to use our scoutmob deal on a drink that was not part of happy hour – the St. Germain Cocktail.  My sister Fran introduced me to these on my last visit to Atlanta.  If you have not tried one you are missing out!  The drink is St. Germain elderflower, champagne or sparkling wine and club soda.  It is a re-freshing drink that is perfect for the summer!

The had an olive bowl with two or three different types of olives that was served with crackers.  I love to snack on olives and this sampling didn’t disappoint.  They marinate the olives with  garlic and a slice of orange peel.  The orange peel gave the olives an unexpected mild hint of orange and it was delicious.   I think it was also only about $3 which was a steal considering the amount of olives and crackers that come in one serving.  The picture was taken after we ate about half.

The item I was surprised I loved was their BBQ pork slider.  This was Jon’s pick and I was not very excited about it.  The sandwich is pulled pork served on sweet potato biscuits with a homemade pickle on top.  I love pulled pork but am not a huge fan of sweet potatoes and don’t like pickles on my sandwiches.  So glad we ordered this – we were fighting over the third slider.  The combination was amazing.  The best part was the pickle – I knew as soon as I bit into the sandwich that the thick sliced pickle was homemade.  We asked the bartender and Flyte grows most of the herbs and some of the vegetable that they use.  The garden is right on the patio. 

Do yourself a favor and try out Flyte!  I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

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