Dinner & dessert

Saturday night Jon and I headed to Carrabba’s for dinner. We hadn’t been there in months and their chicken bryan was calling my name. If you have not experienced chicken bryan you are missing out – it is a perfectly grilled chicken breast topped with goat cheese, sundried tomatoes and lemon basil butter. It is such a wonderful combination!  I was just googling chicken bryan and the recipe is posted online.  I must try this soon and will share the results!

Anyways, Jon and I split The Johnny which is a half portion of steak marsala and a half portion of the chicken bryan.  It is perfect for sharing since the meal includes their yummy bread, soup or side salad (we always go for the caesar since it’s Jon’s favorite) and a side (we both love the garlic mashed potatoes).  I find that Carrabba’s regular portions are about doubled what I need to eat so this really works out perfectly since we both get our favorite meal.  And it is only $19!  The limonfresca drink I order broke the bank at $8 though…how can a drink cost half the price of dinner??!!  It was good, but I might make one at home first instead next time.

Since we both have a major sweet tooth we headed to Firefly Grille and picked up a slice of fudge caramel cake (we tried Friefly for the first time a few weeks ago and I my mouth has been watering for this cake ever since).  The cake is a chocolate fudgey bottom layer, then caramel frosting, then a butter cake layer, then more caramel frosting.  I die (Rachel Zoe anyone??!!).  Sooo good!  If you ever go to Firefly be sure to go to their website as they have a printable coupon for $40 for one appetizer, two entrees, and one dessert.  It is such a great deal!

It was definitely a well fed date night 🙂

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