Why, oh, why, oh, why, oh did we ever leave Ohio?

So I am back from my two month blogging break. Why do I always do that???? Rhetorical question of course…although I blame bad internet connectivity.  I need to find a solution to that problem because I know my loyal followers (hi family!) are just dying for daily updates on my life.

Well, last weekend Jon and I headed up to Columbus, Ohio to visit friends who moved there earlier this year. We had such a fun time catching up with them and seeing the sights and tasting the treats that Cbus has to offer.

We headed up there after work Friday. It was about a 6.5 hour drive but it went by pretty quickly since it was all new territory. We broke the ride up with DQ blizzards! YUM! When we arrived at Brad and Amanda’s we changed and headed out for drinks at a local bar. The pineapple upside down martini smelled so good I wanted to bake the cake! The Kentucky bourbon barrel ale beer was a huge hit in Jon’s book.  What a great way to kick-off a weekend of fun!

The next morning we hit the North Market which was a trip highlight! It is farmer’s market slash eateries slash shops. You can purchase fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, pastas, spices, cheeses, breads and more. All of the restaurants smelled wonderful. Next visit I would eat there and pick up ingredients for lunch and dinner! Jon tasted his first ever authentic buckeye ball and it sure looked like he enjoyed it!

The North Market was such a fun place to walk around and it was hopping! And it houses the original Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream (one of two Jeni’s visits for the day). I have quickly become obsessed with Jeni’s. Their ice cream is rich without tasting too sweet, creamy, and melt in your mouth cold – but not too cold. While I was eating my salty caramel scoops I was studying up on Jeni’s new ice cream book and attempting to learn all her secrets. I couldn’t get enough…so I bought it as my trip souvenir. Hopefully I will be sharing some delectably creamy creations soon!

Next we took a quick tour of the OSU campus. We even ran into Brutus Buckeye! He says hi Pat & Tony!

We also went to the famous The Thurman Cafe in Germantown. The burgers are big- 3/4 pound each. Jon and I split one and it was good! They also had great french fries. No one in our group tasted the enormous Thurmanator -which has two 3/4 pound patties – but I did see one served to some crazy patron at the bar.

We even attended a Columbus Clippers baseball game. Their stadium was very impressive for a minor league team. Nothing like the high school-esque Nashville Sounds stadium. It was a little hot so there were no photographs taken of our sweaty mugs – you’re welcome!!

We had such a great visit! Thanks to our wonderful hosts, Brad & Amanda for a memorable trip!

Ps: who can name the movie quote????

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