The Wrath of Jon

Jon & I both lack patience with idiot drivers.  Although we don’t really mean it, we usually wish accidents on people who are reading, texting and just playing on their phones.  There is nothing more frustrating than watching someone in front of you who is clearly giving 90% of their attention to something inside their car and only 10% to driving.  For someone reason idiot central is right around the corner from our house.  We encountered such a driver on the way home from work today.  He was in a shiny BMW and was clearly e-mailing or texting on his phone and was not paying any attention to the cars in front of him that he almost hit.

I realized today that Jon’s wrath is now in a different realm as mine as it has evolved now that he has been processing auto insurance claims for over a year.

Katie: I hope he hits that car.

Jon: Me too, and I hope his airbag deploys on impact.

Katie: Huh?

Jon: Airbags are expensive to replace.  And then when he tries to sell his car it will show up on the carfax report that he was in an accident where his airbags deployed and his car will be worth nothing.

Take that stranger!!

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3 Responses to The Wrath of Jon

  1. Shannon says:

    Haha! Only an insurance claims agent…..

  2. Shannon says:

    Katie! Are you there??? No blog post for almost 2 months…..

  3. Katie Cherry says:

    I know – it has been way too long! Hoping to get back in the grove this weekend!

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