Cherry Tomato, Mini Sweet Pepper, Pepperoni & Feta Pizza

Tonight we made a homemade pizza for dinner. Homemade pizza has become one of our favorite weekly meals and it is one of the few foods I can get Jon in the kitchen to help me with.  Tonight was about using up leftovers – mini sweet peppers – along with what is in season – cherry tomatoes.

Mini sweet peppers have been an obsession of mine as of late.  I think they are great for salads, dips, mixed with yellow rice and now even pizza.  If you haven’t used mini peppers before (or jalapenos since they about the same size) don’t be intimidated about seeding them.  My secret weapon is my vegetable peeler.  It is the perfect size to stick in the peppers and use the edge of the peeler to cut the seeds out.  I then use the tip of the peeler to scrape the leftover seeds out.  Super easy!

Jon is now the official pizza dough roller.  He does a great job and is only a little messy (if by little you read a lot).I prepared the toppings: chopped mini sweet peppers and cherry tomatoes.  I chopped the mini sweet peppers and threw them in a small pan to let them saute for a few minutes and then I added the halved cherry tomatoes.  I love how soft the peppers and tomatoes are after sautéing together.  The heat also brings out their sweet flavors which makes for such a good pizza.

Dinner is served!!  Don’t you wish you could smell this through the computer??!!  I can attest that this was good to the last bite.  The tomatoes and peppers were sweet with the pepperoni giving a slight bite of heat and the feta adding a little tang.  It was a good combination if I may say so myself.


  • One bag of Publix pre-made pizza dough
  • One small package crumbled feta cheese
  • One pint cherry tomatoes – halved lengthwise
  • Five mini sweet peppers – halve length wise and then chop into slivers
  • 10 slices pepperoni
  • Pizza sauce to taste
  1. Let pizza dough rest outside of fridge for an hour before rolling it out
  2. Once rolled, bake in 380 degree oven for 15-18 minutes
  3. Once you put pizza in oven saute peppers over medium heat for about three minutes; then turn stove down to medium low
  4. Add halved cherry tomatoes and saute for about 15 minutes.  You want them to cook down and soften
  5. Once pizza dough has baked for 15-18 minutes take it out of the oven and turn the oven down to 350 degrees.
  6. Add pizza sauce then pepperoni then tomato pepper mixture then feta cheese
  7. Bake for another  five minutes or until cheese has softened
  8. Eat and enjoy!  And be sure to comment and let me know what you think of my pizza recipe!


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One Response to Cherry Tomato, Mini Sweet Pepper, Pepperoni & Feta Pizza

  1. Shannon says:

    Good idea with the vegetable peeler! Never thought of that.

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