Harry & David

A few months ago I shared that we had purchased Jon’s parents a six month membership in Harry & David’s pie of the month club. 

Every month I receive e-mail notification when the pie has been shipped; it is a great reminder that this is the gift that keeps on giving – for six months.  Well, a few weeks ago I received the e-mail that they would be receiving their last pie. 

I had no idea anything had changed until I received this in the mail:

I am still not sure what changed since I had already received notice that the pie had shipped.  I am assuming it was the particular pie that they were supposed to receive became unavailable.

We picked the present based on pies, yes, but not particular pies so I am sure they will be happy about whatever they received.  I am just in awe that as customer service seems in a downward spiral these days (seriously, anyone reading this probably has an example of bad customer service; if not I can share a few) Harry & David took the opportunity to notify me my gift had changed – not all companies would voluntarily let you know this.  I also appreciate the fact that they contacted Jon’s parents in order to arrange something new.  They also mailed us a $25 gift card since the order was changed.  Can’t wait to order one of their many delicious snacks or sweets!  Thanks Harry & David!

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2 Responses to Harry & David

  1. Fran says:

    Yo babe. I think they have discontinued the Pie Club which is why they notified you… just tried to find it on their site and it is not there anymore. Still think they did a good job in customer notification and it was a nice gesture to give you a gift certificate.

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