Best of Nashville: The Cupcake Collection

Yesterday Jon was craving something sweet so I came up with a surprise trip to…The Cupcake Collection.  The Cupcake Collection is located in the owner’s house (as in owner’s of the house and the business) in Germantown.  Their kids help bake the cupcakes and also serve as cashiers.  Every visit the bakery is always hopping – not surprising since the cupcakes are delicious and they cost only $1.50 each.  It is very small though – you order and eat them on the very small porch or take them home. 

Here is a photo of the front of the house/bakery.  This photo was uploaded on their facebook page.

This is painted under the front porch and right next to the door you enter for some cupcake bliss.  Since I didn’t get a photo of the windows displaying the cupcakes this will have to do.  This is basically how the inside is set up.

Here is the bakery.  It is clearly labeled so you don’t get confused with the door to their house.  I think it is so cool that they are basically inviting you into their home six days a week (they are closed on Saturdays)!

I did get one photo of the inside.  This is Mignon preparing some icing I believe.

We heard about TCC a few years ago from our wedding photographer.  We went and tried the cupcakes and fell in love!  We served their cupcakes in lieu of wedding cake at our wedding.  Don’t they look pretty??!!

My favorites are: strawberry & chocolate black-out.  Strawberry has strawberry cake and icing.  It is just the right amount of strawberry and sweet (it might be my favorite).  Chocolate blackout is soooo good…it is chocolate cake with some kind of chocolate gooshiness on the inside, then there is chocolate icing topped with uncooked chocolate cake mix (I think).  It really is tasty and any chocolate lover will be in heaven – just ask Jon 🙂

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2 Responses to Best of Nashville: The Cupcake Collection

  1. Shannon says:

    I LOVE Cupcake Collection! My favorite is their sweet potato cupcake; it is SO good!!

  2. Val says:

    Mmmm…I had my first Cupcake Collection experience on Friday and it did NOT disappoint!

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