This is how we break it down

About a month ago Jon and I attended a wedding in Atlanta.  I have been meaning to post some of the pics from the wedding – it was beautiful and the bride and groom looked amazingly happy!

Photo one: my brother-in-law Steven, Jon & myself.  Please note we are on the dance floor and apparently I am the only one that got the memo to dance – hands in the air people – RAISE THE ROOF!!  The memo that Jon got read: ‘stand there with your hands in your pockets’.

Photo two: Steven has decided to join another group.   Again, I am dancing (that whole upper body arms out shake thing) and Jon has his hands in his pockets.  What is this new move Jon??

How low can you go??!!  Okay what is with the hands in your pockets, Jon?????  At least there is a little knee bend action though (and note the dual open mouths).

I have now shared the only three dance moves I have – you’re welcome!!  Feel free to try these at the club tonight or the next wedding reception you attend. 

If you need a laugh please view Julie’s metrocard dance video.  Julie is Bethenny Frankel’s assistant (Bethenny Ever After) and they go out to celebrate Bethenny’s 40th birthday.  You want to watch from about 40 seconds into the video on.  You will die.  Then please imagine someone you know doing this dance – lets say Jon for fun.  I PROMISE you that Jon happened to see part of this episode and I PROMISE you that Jon busted out the metrocard dance on the dance floor at said wedding.

Happy Friday!!

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