Prime 108

Last Friday night Jon and I had a date night at Prime 108 the restaurant in Union Station Hotel.  It was our first visit to the restaurant and the hotel.  We had a groupon for dinner and I was very excited to use it!

We both loved the beautiful stained glass ceiling that covered the lobby area of the hotel.  The restaurant also had stained glass windows but the pictures did not turn out clear.

To start the meal they serve bread and a few dips: butter, oil with balsamic vinegar (always yummy!) and cold spinach artichoke dip (didn’t love this).

They also served three different types of bread: flat bread, white or sourdough and a very very delicious bread with kalamata olives cooked in it (they kalamatas were just the right amount and were not at all over-powering).  The olive bread was by far my favorite.  It took me a few bites to figure out what it was but now I must try to make this!

We decided to split a salad, entrée and dessert.  We started with a caesar salad.  It was really good!  I loved the presentation in the curved bowl!  It seems like sun-dried tomatoes have started popping up in caesar salads all over the place.  It is a nice touch as long as there is not too much.  I also liked the parmesan and asiago crisp the salad was served with.  This photo was only my portion as they halved it before serving – which I always appreciate! 

For our entrée we split the cowboy bone-in ribeye (and yes, again this is only my portion).  It was huge!!!  The meat was good and flavorful; I dipped it in the sauce on the top left.  It was served with roasted potatoes (I cut up some of the roasted garlic in the middle and ate that with the potatoes) and prosciutto wrapped asparagus.  I ate around the prosciutto – I love bacon but am not a fan of prosciutto for some reason. 

We ended the meal on a high note: creme brulee.  I love creme brulee and every time I eat it I reminisce about the very first time I ever tried it (a visit to Miami with my family and grandparents; we ate outside on the covered patio at Ricky Martin’s restaurant without knowing it until we passed his framed platinum records in the hall leading to the bathroom).  It is always a happy memory 🙂  This creme brulee was the best part of the meal! It had just the right amount of sugar on top so it was crisp but not a thick covering of sugar. 

I would definitely go back and just have dessert – and I wouldn’t share it this time!

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