Brentwood Criterium

Bright and early Sunday morning Jon and I headed down to Brentwood for Jon’s first criterium bicycle race.  It was a beautiful morning for a race – sunny and cool!

There were probably seven or eight different races.  Thankfully Jon’s was first.  All the races were time limited (30 minutes to an hour) and they were biking about a one mile loop.

Jon is a category 5 racer and this was his group lined up for their 8am start.  I was there to cheer on Jon and his other teammates and of course take some pictures to share with my few loyal blog readers.

Jon started and finished strong!  This was just off the line and Jon was out in front.  He did a lot of pulling (pulling means he was leading the pack and those behind him were drafting off of him) throughout the race.

If you are like me and have never seen a criterium race it could be loosely compared to Nascar (yes, very loosely).  The bikers are going around in laps, they draft off each other and you can hear them coming.  It was really fun to watch – definitely more entertaining than a race where they bike one enormous loop and you only see the racers at the start and finish line.  Here is a shot of the group or peloton as it is called.Here were some action shots of Jon.  I took a photography class a few weeks ago so it was fun to put what I learned about motion photography and lighting to good use and practice.  Jon is of course in front in all the below photos.Although Jon pushed it hard he came in third (not too shabby considering this is only his second race ever).  The person who came in first broke off in the second lap and was by himself the rest of the race and he led by about 30 seconds.  Jon and the second place racer sprinted for the finish line but unfortunately Jon didn’t beat him.

The third place prize were bike lights for night riding and also a six pack of Yazoo beer so Jon was pretty excited!Yay Jon!!  The race was really fun so I am looking forward to the next one!

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One Response to Brentwood Criterium

  1. Shannon says:

    Yay Jon! That’s awesome!!

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