Best of Nashville: Frothy Monkey

Jon and I happily took advantage of the beautiful spring weather everyday this weekend!  We spent some time outdoors Friday after work with a cocktail in the backyard – I love drinking in the yard.  It is relaxed – I can wear whatever I want – I drink what we have and it is cheaper than going for drinks at a restaurant or bar.

On Saturday we opted to go out and try a new place to sit outside.  We hit up Frothy Monkey on 12th South – another place that is just a few blocks from our house.  Frothy Monkey was voted one of Nashville’s best coffee houses by the Nashville Scene readers so we had to try them out for our Nashville challenge.

I have passed this place hundreds of time and never realized how large it is.  My iPhone pictures don’t do it justice.  There are tons of indoor and outdoor seating options.  I loved the fun round staircase that led up to a little seating area.  I could not read the coffee menu though (so be sure to bring your glasses if you are going blind like me!).  The drinks are written on a chalkboard and it is really small print.  I had to have Jon read me a few options.  The also have a food menu (which is actually printed out). 

I had a small and I think Jon had a medium.  I tried the mocha turtle which was a mocha with caramel and pralines.  It tasted like a googoo cluster – which is great in my book!  Jon tried the Mocha Monkey which is a mocha with banana (flavoring I think).  Jon loved it!

Verdict: It was a fun place and had some unique coffee offers.  It was a very relaxed atmosphere which we both enjoyed.  It was also fun to people watch 🙂  It was however more expensive than Starbucks (or about the same).  We would both definitely go back – although we have no plans to become regulars.

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