Fanny pack?

With all the walking I have been doing to get ready for the half marathon (yes…I can now say I am a half marathoner) water consumption and hydration in general have been on my mind.  I am really not a good drinker – I drink a little when I am thirsty.  I learned the hard way that you can’t try to consume your needed water while walking – you really need to keep hydrated throughout the day and drink while exercising.

I had been toying with the idea of purchasing a hydration pack for a while since I have been carrying a water bottle with me on my walks.  I looked online but wanted to see them in person before buying one – I wanted to see how it felt while in motion first.  Well, last week, a website that Jon loves which offers discount outdoor goodies for 30 minutes at a time (yes, you have to be quick!) was selling the camelbak delaney race lumbar hydration pack for about $15 which is close to half off.  Jon of course had to call and see if he should buy it for me.  I am all about a good deal so I gave him the thumbs up even though I hadn’t tried one on in person.  It arrived yesterday and after trying it out today I must say…this baby is nice!!!

The camelbak delaney race lumbar hydration pack is great!  It comes with a 24 oz water bottle and one five oz ‘energy flask’.   The front has a zipper pocket for id, keys, snack bars – whatever you need to fit in there that is small.  It also has two pouches – I put my iPhone in here since I still haven’t purchased an arm band for it – and might not now.  It is the perfect size and gives me easy access to skip songs.  It is one size fits all and comes in a few different colors: pink, lime green, yellow and black.  Bonktown was already sold out of black so I opted for the girly pink.

Front view:

Since it one size fits all it can be adjusted on both sides to get to your ideal size.  I started my walk with it a little too lose – I could feel the water bottle bobbing or kind of leaning backwards.  I made a quick and easy adjustment and the rest of the walk it was just right. Even though the water bottle is in the back it is super easy to get it in and out of the holder.  With shipping it was only $20 and I would say it will definitely be well worth it!

Back view:

Jon is predicting that the hydration pack is going to lead to a future fanny pack…I’m going to go with NO!

Since spring is still in the air in Nashville – it is only in the low 60s right now – I got to show off my new shirt since it was definitely not tank top weather.  I have to say I was really impressed that the shirt they gave away for the Country Music Marathon is a dry fit shirt which was perfect for today’s weather!  This is my first dry fit shirt and I have to say I am digging it.  It is super comfortable and very breathable.

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