Best of Nashville: Whiskey Kitchen

When Jon picked me up from work on Tuesday he surprised me: instead of taking me right home he took me to happy hour at Whiskey Kitchen!  We have been wanting to try it for a while but never seem to get there – even though it is only about a mile away from our house.  Jon picked it for the evening as they offer happy hour once a week – on Tuesday.  I was also excited when I realized it was another stop on my Best of Nashville Challenge tour.  It was voted one of the best bars to people watch.  I imagine it is a good place to people watch as there have been a few celebrity sighting reported by However, we only saw a few other locals and a group of about ten guys who looked liked they were visiting with a convention.

As this flyer advertises happy hour is on the drinks only – they don’t offer any food specials.  At least not on Tuesday.

Here is the view of the uncovered park of their deck.  It was a beautiful day for outdoor seating so this is where we sat.

This is the view of the covered portion of the outside patio.  The picture really doesn’t do it justice.  It is a small area but cute.

I had the Bellini Sparkle and it was yummy!  It was sweet – just the way I like it 🙂

Jon tried the New Fashion.  It made me think of a manly sangria (not that men can’t partake in a glass of sangria) but it had little pieces of fruit in it and was made of whiskey (not that girls don’t like whiskey).

Here is what I loved about the Whiskey Kitchen happy hour – they give you these cute wooden drink tokens with your first drink.  Not only is it a fun idea but it means that your two-for-one is not sitting to the side sweating down the glass.  We each had two of the same drink but were told you can try something else as your two-for-one.  More restaurants should do this!

Jon loves appetizers – the man is always hungry!  We decided on Jalapeno Fried Pickles. It is fried pickles – but with sliced pickles and sliced jalapeno with ranch for dipping.  It was really good and not spicy!  It was so good we decided to eat there.

For dinner I had the fried green BLT sandwich. It sounded so good on the menu:  hand-breaded green tomatoes, Brie, baby spinach, smoked bacon, beer mustard, on grilled sourdough toast…but was too salty and the tomatoes were cut too thick.  Jon liked it but I would not order it again.

Jon tried the hot chicken.  It wasn’t as spicy as Bolton’s which was disappointing to Jon because “when you think hot chicken in Nashville you think you’re gonna be sweatin'”…and there wasn’t a drop on Jon’s forehead.  But the chicken was moist and it sure went down fast.  It was served with chipotle mac & cheese which was pretty good.  The below fries were served with my sandwich.I would definitely go back to Whiskey Kitchen – but would probably only make an appearance on a Tuesday 🙂

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