Just a Little FaceTime

The past two nights Jon & I have seen our niece Audrey…and we aren’t in Atlanta.  We have been using the iPhone’s FaceTime.  It’s like Skype just on a smaller screen.  It has been super fun & funny!

Yesterday Audrey showed and described to us a cute Easter rabbit that she made for her favorite – Uncle Jon in case you were wondering (no matter how many times I try to explain this to her she still does not understand that Uncle Jon is only around because of me! so I should be her favorite).  It was so sweet that she wanted to show it to him and describe what it looked like and what it was made of.  She also told Jon she would give it to him next time she saw him but that he needed to hang it up.

Tonight she was describing how her little brother and new roomie Roby chases her when its time for bed.  This was complete with sound effects and hand and body motions – which we would have missed out on if we were just on the phone.  She also demonstrated learning how to cockadoodledooo…which would have been fine on the phone but was a little phone seeing it for ourselves.

I highly recommend FaceTime for families and friends that don’t live in the same city.  It is a great way to keep in touch and stay engaged on a phone conversation.  I would also highly recommend it for families with a family member who must travel for work.  How great to hear and see your family while you are away from them?!  Now I just need to talk my other sister into getting the iPhone…:)

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