Saving some moola

Yesterday afternoon I put all the couponing tips I got from friends and my cute new coupon organizer to good use!  I had clipped two weekends worth of coupons that I had been saving one week-night so Sunday morning I just had to add a few additional coupons from the morning paper.  I also made sure to look through the Publix and Target fliers as I was making my grocery list.

I saved $7.90 at Target!  Woo hoo – I have never used a coupon at Target before so this was exciting.  We needed dog food which was on sale and I had a coupon for it – score!  I had a few other coupons for items I noticed that were on sale at Target that we needed or would need soon.  Also, I noticed that Target discounts 5 cents for every reusable shopping bag you use.  While this is not a huge money-maker I hope it will remind me to bring my bags to Target (I never think to bring them there).  I am glad I looked through the Target ad – I saw what was on sale and could make my list accordingly and check to see if I needed any of the sale items before getting to the store.  I also saw that Target was giving away one reusable bag for each purchase while supplies lasted.  The cashier did not offer a bag so I am glad I knew to ask.

I am very proud of my Publix savings – $21.78!  I love that they break down your savings to show whether it was through a coupon or through sales.  The tips that saved me the most were to make two meals a week based on what is on sale at the store.  I generally buy stuff that is on sale but I felt more organized and I had already thought out a few meals using the items that were on sale.  I was also able to check my stock at home to see if I needed any other sale items or had coupons for sale items (which I have now learned is the best time to buy – when it is on sale and you have a coupon!).We also needed a car wash so we put the needed gas in the car to get $1 off the car wash.  Which puts us at $30 saved for our outing yesterday.  Not to shabby if you ask me.

Don’t worry – I will not be doing these as weekly updates 🙂

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6 Responses to Saving some moola

  1. Emily says:

    Good job! Couponing is the way to go. Start slow and then before you know you will be saving 40 or 50$. I try to do about that each time I go but I started about a year ago. Its takes time and effort, but it’s worth it when you can cut your grocery bill in half!!! And with target, you can “stack” coupons meaning you can get double the savings. I LOVE shopping at Target with coupons – no other way to do it!

  2. Val says:

    Great job! You did really good for your first outing 🙂

    I’m with your friend, Emily. You will be seeing huge savings before you know it. I shopped at Publix this weekend and saved $69 b/t sales and coupons – which was almost half my bill!

  3. Christina Signore says:

    The show “Extreme Couponing” has inspired us! While we are not looking to start a stock-pile, I did save $46.16 at Publix last Sunday! It was like I struck gold! Keep with it 🙂

    • alilbitokic says:

      Yeah…we aren’t into the stock-piling either. They definitely chose the extreme couponing/stock-piling ladies to profile for the show. It is exciting to see how much we are saving every week now though!

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