Scoutmob comes to Nashville!

I am very happy to report that Scoutmob has made an appearance in Nashville…and a few other new cities too!  My sister Fran introduced me to the Atlanta Scoutmob as there was a deal for a fun Etsy-ish boutique in Atlanta that I love (the beehive – if you live in Atlanta and like Etsy you should definitely check them out, they sell all kinds of homemade goods and you get to see them in person and try stuff on!).

What is scoutmob you ask?  It is very similar to the other deal-a-day websites like groupon and living social.  What’s so special then? With scoutmob you are not purchasing the deal!  If you see a deal you like you send it to your phone (that day) and use it before the expiration date (I think they usually expire in three months which is shorter than Groupon).

Why does this excite me so??!!  Well, we all know by now that I love love love a good deal.  But scoutmob has sweetened the pot a little – I am not spending any money up front.  It is free to join and if I don’t end up using a deal I haven’t lost any money.  So it is really much more like a coupon – you save money by using it.  The first scoutmob deal is for The Wild Cow which is a restaurant in East Nashville that I have been meaning to try.  Thanks Scoutmob for finally getting me there! 

I hope that scoutmob is able to bring new deal-a-day deals to us Nashvillans 🙂

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