Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

Yesterday was one of the best days of the year: Free Scoop Day from Ben & Jerry’s!  Ben & Jerry’s is hands down my favorite ice cream.

I attempted to get my free scoop around 6:30 after my walk…and the line was probably 50 people long – that is just crazy!  I was hoping that they would have some of Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night Snack as I have been dying to try this.  The combination of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with a Salty Caramel Swirl & Fudge Covered Potato Chip Clusters sounds so yummy! 

I didn’t feel like waiting in line so I headed to Harris Teeter and was delighted to find that Ben & Jerry’s was on sale – 2 for $7…score!  It totally makes my day when they are one sale.  I bought two S’mores tubs as that is my addiction.  S’mores ice cream is Chocolate Ice Cream with Fudge Chunks, Toasted Marshmallow & Graham Cracker Swirls.  It is amazing…life changing even!  You should really try it…even if it’s not on sale – you won’t be disappointed. 

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One Response to Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

  1. Shannon says:

    Val, Nicole and I tried to go during lunch yesterday and the line was ridiculous! Teachers were walking their students over, so the line was wrapped around the block. Gald you go some anyway. I with you – I would MUCH rather just go buy it at the store then wait in a crazy line.

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