All of the commercials and advertising I’ve seen for TLC’s Extreme Couponing have made me think a lot.  I caught the second half of one episode this week and one of the ladies featured on the show has saved $40,000 by clipping coupons.  Another’s monthly grocery budget is $160 for a family of six – unbelievable. While they are smart shoppers, I think they are way over what I will ever be interested in achieving.  While I love saving money I don’t love craziness and stockpiling like eight months worth of goods in my house.

To start this endeavor I decided to get my very own coupon book.  I love to clip coupons but have never organized or kept them in the same place so I am hoping this will really facilitate me using the coupons. I found it funny to buy a coupon book to save money so I looked on craigslist -but unfortunately didn’t find any. 

I found this cute one on Etsy.  There are tons of options – different sizes, different fabrics, different colors, different amounts of dividers.  I am sure anyone could find one they like.  This was in Laa766’s Etsy store and I instantly loved it!  The birds on the front are so sweet.  Jon and I usually do our grocery shopping together so I thought it was appropriate.

This is a fabric cover over a plastic accordion folder.  I didn’t know how it would look when you open it as they only have photos of the plain plastic accordion and then of the finished product.  I was worried that my cute fabric covering might not be secure – but that is not the case!  This one has 12 tabs.

I have two newspapers worth of coupons to go through this week so I can start filling all of the different sections and saving some moola!  I plan to clip coupons and sort; then create tabs based on how I sorted the coupons.

I asked some friends if they had any couponing tips since I am a beginner.  They recommended starting small – don’t try to go to every store in your area to get the best deal.  Start with the stores you already shop at – I was also reminded that most stores will accept competitors coupons so clip those too.  Also, look at your grocery store’s flyer to see what is one sale and plan meals around that (this was something I hadn’t thought of doing before).  I might try to start doing one or two meals a week based on what is on sale.

My friend Val, has a few blogs with some couponing tips.  You should check them out!

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3 Responses to Coupons!

  1. Val says:

    Thanks for the shoutout 🙂

  2. Christina Signore says:

    I looked at the coupon organizers on Etsy, as well! And Phil and I go grocery shopping together every Sunday–how funny! I find it much easier to use my coupons now that they are orgznized! Keep sharing any tips, we can learn together.

    • alilbitokic says:

      Great minds think alike Christina! I find it way easier to use the coupons now that they are organized too! Before I would clip and they would end up in random rooms in our house. It is great to have them all in one place. Jon is starting to get a little into too 🙂

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