Beau & Bella

Beau and Bella are definitely two of my favorite subjects to photograph.  Beau because he is sweet and cute and will usually stay still and let you take his picture.  Bella, is a favorite subject because I am still trying to get a good picture of her!!  She won’t stay still when she sees the camera.  She just gets all up in your business – but that is generally the way of Bella.

Beau looked so sweet last night.  He definitely has the puppy face that makes me want to let him up on the couch to cuddle.  But I was strong last night so he was lounging on his doggy bed.

A few weeks ago when the weather was nice for the first time I decided to lay-out in our backyard.  Well, sweet little Beau kept me company; I even shared my towel with him.

We aren’t able to get many good pictures of Bella.  She is crazy and always moving where as Beau seems to almost pose for photos.  Her eyes tend to look a little demonic too.  I love that she is sitting pretty in my lap.  It must have been a moment in between all her craziness.

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