No-Bake Chewy Mint Cookies & Cream

Time for a hump day sweet!  Last night I made (not baked!) Picky Palate’s No-Bake Chewy Cookies and Cream with my own Katie twist.  This is a very simple recipe with only three ingredients and no bake time – it is like a rice krispy treat with Oreos instead.

My twist was that I used a package of cool mint oreo cookies.  I bought these awhile ago because they were mint and green.  Since I still hadn’t opened them (who knew I had such self-control?!) I figured this would be the perfect time to try them out!

I love the color!  The mint oreos tasted very good too – it is a subtle minty flavor not completely over-powering.  I would definitely buy them again.  I think that they would add a little extra pizzazz as a pie crust…I am just not sure for what pie flavor.

You grind the entire bag of oreos in your food processor.  I recommend doing this in three or four small batches instead of mashing the entire bag of oreos in the food processor at one time – learn from me people!  While they all fit the top half doesn’t get ground and then you have to dump it all out and grab the whole cookies to throw back in the food processor.  As I said – learn from me.

I had to show off the I was super coordinated and that my bowl was green too.  You melt the marshmallows and butter in the microwave.  The recipe calls for 5 cups of marshmallows – this is a 10 oz bag give or take a few mallows.

Once the marshmallows are done and all the cookies are ground you mix them together in your bowl.  I actually sprayed my bowl (all the way to the top) with some Pam and it was so easy to mix!  Once it is all combined you spread it in a foil covered pan (I used 9×9) and let it set.  Jon thought it looked like lava here – I see more of a rocky road.  I wanted to see more green but you definitely lose the color when you grind up the oreos.

My top was not completely flat so I thought it might look a little prettier to use the bottom as the top; in order to cut and serve I flipped it over. It definitely looks smoother.  I guess you can see a little green here and there.

First bite.  It was good.  It looks like a brownie but tastes more like a rice krispie treat.  So far the reviews from my co-workers have all been thumbs up! 

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