Taste of India

Last night I cooked a homemade Indian dinner and boy it was good!  I have made a few Indian dishes here and there but this time I made the sauce from scratch (which may be a first all around).  I made slow cooker coconut curry chicken with homemade naan.  I found both of these recipes on my favorite food site, Tasty Kitchen (duh!).   They were perfect together!  I unfortunately didn’t take any photos (and we devoured the meal with the help of our neighbors Kurt & Angie) but luckily for those interested these were both blogged about on the Tasty Kitchen Blog where some of the recipes submitted to TK are prepared step-by-step with photos.  I highly recommend trying both of these dishes for dinner ASAP 🙂

The curry chicken was very tasty but had a little kick (a little too much for me but just right for everyone else).  In order to make the sauce you puree a bunch of yummy ingredients together and put that in the crock pot with the cubed chicken.  The only complex part was getting all of the ingredients to fit into my food processor but I did it (there was a little bit coming out of the sides though – consider yourself warned!).  I did not add the extra peppers for heat.  The chicken turned out flavorful and moist – yum!!

Photo courtesy if TK blog

The homemade naan was also super easy!  You mix a few things together (most of which you probably have on hand) and then let rest for at least two hours.  I let my naan breathe for about three to four hours (seriously, I fit in a little Target and a little Kohls) and it was great!  Since we have a glass top stove my trustee sous chef Jon grilled the second side (you’ll understand once you check out the recipe…really, do it!).  I made basic buttery naans but I can’t wait to try this one again and a few spices for some additional flavor!!

Photo courtesy of TK blog

Slow cooker coconut curry TK step-by-step instructions are here.  The homemade naan tutorial is here.  I love that they make the dish step-by-step and take pictures so you know what it should look like.

On a semi related note (hey, its my blog so I get to tangent without judgement)…I made some awesome snickerdoodle cookies last weekend (also a first for me)!  Since I took an accidental week sabbatical from blogging I didn’t get to tell you about them.  They were also from TK and also very easy to make.  I think that my cookies were a little smaller than what the recipe called for (I used my trusty medium-sized Martha Stewart cookie scoop) and baked my cookies for 10 minutes and they came out of the oven perfect!  They stayed moist and tasty all week-long.  I am sure the would be the perfect complement to your Indian themed dinner 🙂

Photo courtesy of TK submission

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