Best of Nashville: Pancake Pantry

As I mentioned yesterday, the last part of my girls weekend with my Mom and sisters was breakfast at Pancake Pantry.  Even though Jon and I live around the block from Pancake Pantry we only go there when we have visitors.  While the food is yummy, the line can be alittle off-putting.  We are not ones to wait in line for breakfast…unless it makes our visitors happy 🙂  We took my Mom and Dad there a few months ago and my Mom was aching to go back.

Luckily for you, it is on my Nashville challenge list and we all ordered different pancakes (they have more on the menu then just pancakes if you are looking for something savory to start your day).  Get ready for some stomach growling!

We were smiling here since we just finished our pancakes! 

I had the sugar & spice pancakes – delicious!  The spices are mixed with the batter and then sifted over the top before serving.

Jon was lucky enough to score an invite to join us for breakfast.  He tried the parisienne.  The helpings are so large none of us were able to finish all of our pancakes.

Libby had the Apricot lemon delight pancakes

My Mom had the swedish pancakes (which are crepes) rolled with preserves inside.

Last but not least were the blueberry pancakes that Fran ordered.  She got the blueberry sauce on the side but these are also made with blueberry batter.

We all left full and very happy.  The pancakes were all delicious!

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2 Responses to Best of Nashville: Pancake Pantry

  1. Val says:

    The sugar and spice ones are my favorite too!

  2. Erin says:

    Love the Pancake Pantry! We used to go every year for mine and my husband’s birthdays! But last year, we weren’t able to becasue of the flood! I love the blueberry pancakes, but I’d love to try something different next time!

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