The Hermitage Hotel, Nashville

This weekend I am looking forward to a girls’ weekend with my Mom & sisters!  They are on the road as we speak and are heading up to Nashville for a fun and relaxing weekend together.  This is a fun tradition started a few years ago which has been on hiatus the last three years due to child-bearing and rearing (fun fact: our last girls’ trip was to Charleston and my sisters were both pregnant with their first-born).  Jon has plans to catch a Vandy baseball game with his little brother so he dropped me off early.  I’m glad he did – this gave me a chance to take some photos of the hotel and nibble on some of their afternoon snacks 🙂

Since it is just us girls we always stay at a very nice place.  Well, the best hotel in Nashville is The Hermitage Hotel.  It is probably one of the nicest hotels in Tennessee but that is not based on any experiences I have had outside of The Hermitage.

If you check out their website you will see that they have been working with Hatch Show Print.  Their website reflects this, the menus reflect this, even their stationary reflects this.  I think it is a great Nashville touch. 

I didn’t take a picture when I arrived as the hotel is hopping so there was a lot going on out front.  This photo is borrowed from The Hermitage’s website – weird how our car is in it though 🙂

This is the view from the lobby.  I love that it is ornate but not so over the top that you feel out of place or that you can’t touch anything.

I love that even the ceilings are dressed up.

The walls on one side of the lobby look like windows.  Instead of seeing outside you see your reflection and the lobby.

Even the inside of the elevator is fancy…the first of many prints that I love

I love the little old phone outside the elevator

Even the hallway where you wait for the elevator is lovely

More patterns I love 🙂

This photo definitely doesn’t do our room justice but it was beautiful and very large.

Love the bathroom with its double vanity and huge tub!!!

Nice shower too

They were serving homemade cookies and lemonade in the lobby when I arrived

I had my afternoon snack…yummy 🙂

Some sweet champagne for when they arrive!

Tonight we are headed to the Capitol Grille for dinner.  I can’t wait; Jon and I have eaten there once before and it was delicious!!!

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