Maple Ice Cream

About two years ago Jon & I headed to Canada for his cousin’s graduation from the Royal Military College of Canada.  While this wasn’t my first visit to our northern neighbor I don’t remember much from my first visit since I was pretty young (sorry Mom & Dad!).  One of my major takeaways from my second visit was that maple is positively delicious!  I really think that we undervalue it in the states.  It became my obsession while we were visiting and my favorite maple flavored item was maple ice cream (not surprising since ice cream is my favorite food).  The one that I had was maple flavored, with a maple ripple and then maple sugar.  It was divine and I have been looking for something like it since we left…with no success.  Well, this weekend I finally tried my hand at making some of my own.  It definitely did not live up to my very high standards but it is a good fill in for now…while I experiment to make it more to my memories likness.

I found a maple ice cream recipe online (which took quite a bit of searching).  I would like a commercial break for a PSA here: when using recipes you find online make sure you read the recipe in its entirety prior to attempting it.  I found one maple ice cream recipe (which I used) and then realized that the recipe basically ended halfway through the process.  Not good.  Take two.

As is my norm, I pretty much followed the recipe.  My only difference is that I did not put the finished product through a sieve – mainly because I don’t have one.  I do think that this would have helped the product’s texture end result.  Oh, I also added some maple sugar on top during the freezing process.

After mixing the recipe and then cooling it for several hours (PSA: it helps to read the recipe in its entireity a day or two before you want to enjoy it, not the day of).  I used my trusty Quisinart 2 quart ice cream maker, which is an ice cream lover’s dream 🙂

This is what the ice cream looked like after about 30 minutes in the ice cream maker.  It was textured like a frosty.

This is the end result after an over night freeze.  The dots are the maple sugar crystals.  So exciting!!!

Yummy!!  It was not as good as the one we had in Canada, but hey, it was my first try to so am pretty happy with it 🙂

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