Somehow I have failed to mention that Jon and I were the very happy & excited recipients of iPhones for Valentine’s Day.  Yep, we joined the cult.

Jon had been dreaming of an iPhone for over a year – seriously.  Please see coupon below.

Since I am such a cool wife I gave Jon the coupon.  I was sick of hearing about the iPhone so I conceded that if I didn’t have to hear about it until our Verizon contract ran out last summer I wouldn’t fight the crazy cost of buying the iPhone or the increase to our monthly bill.

Well, July came and went without a new iPhone.  And then Verizon went and started offering the iPhone.  And I (not Jon) bought into the craze and just had to have an iPhone.  Since our contract was up we were able to re-sign and get awesome deals on the phone.  It was such a great decision!  I am not going to go into all the awesome features that we’ve all heard before, but it is a purchase you won’t regret!

I love jamming to my iPhone/iPod at work!!  Music can instantly put me in a good and songs always remind me of someone, something maybe even someplace (away from my desk!).  Last night I used DeTune to download the music from my iPod nano from college to my computer to iTunes to the iPhone.  It has been a great music day down memory lane!

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