Half Marathon Training Week 5

Week five of half marathon training was brutal!  I have learned that consistency is key.  When I am walking regularly I feel good and build up my endurance.  Well, I didn’t complete either of my week day walks (due to being crazy busy at work) so I felt a little out of it.  Coupled with the fact that we were walking the actual route which was mentally overwhelming – it didn’t seem as far when we walked two 3.5 mile loops last weekend!  I won’t even mention the blisters I have on both feet.  Amanda was a great pace-setter and we finished a little over a 17 minute/mile pace.  I must admit: eight miles, you defeated me!  But next weekend I’ll get the W.

Our walk was a great tour of downtown Nashville!  We walked Broadway, Demonbreun, Music Row and around Belmont.  I took some pictures to share but will admit they aren’t the best quality since I took them with my phone and didn’t step off my walking trail (I did miss taking a picture of Brad Paisley’s tour bus when we passed Bridgestone Arena).

Here was the view on Broadway.  You can’t tell since we were across the street but they were recording something at Legend’s Corner.  There was a crowd outside hovering around the video camera.

We passed (or were passed by) a few Nashville tour buses.  Here is the famous pink Nash Trash tour bus.  Neither of us have been on the tour but hear it is a great time!

We walked around the Belmont campus.  It was a fun strip due to all the older houses and the fun restaurants and stores.  The one house picture I took was of a new house (go figure) but I took it since they had a glass enclosed room that housed two bicycles prominently displayed on one wall.  This is Jon’s dream come true.  Unfortunately the picture is so far away.  I didn’t want the homeowners to think I was casing the joint.

I love church signs that mix their message with something relevant to today’s culture.  This one read ‘Did you read your text message?’

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2 Responses to Half Marathon Training Week 5

  1. Val says:

    I’ve been dying to do the Nash Trash tour – I heard it’s hilarious!

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