M&M Pancakes

Jon & I started our Sunday off right – we had homemade M&M pancakes!  YUM!  It was a great treat before I went into work for the second weekend day in a row – boo.

I use bisquick and follow the pancake recipe on the box (I halved it for Jon & I).  We used one small bag of M&Ms (the size you buy at a gas station on your way home Saturday night when you decide M&M pancakes would be great in the morning).

This picture makes the pancakes look a lot whiter then they actually were.  I love the color of the M&Ms in the pancakes!  If you like chocolate chip pancakes you should mix up your norm and try M&Ms.  I am so glad I did!  There is something so good about the about the candy-coated crunch!

They were almost as good as The Pfunky Griddle!

Here is Beau’s Sunday morning heaven!  Bella is outside and he is on the couch getting a rub down from Jon 🙂

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