Back to Cuba Cafe

Last night Jon and I headed Back to Cuba – for dinner.  Back to Cuba Cafe is a small, low-key restaurant located in a strip mall a few miles south of downtown Nashville (it is near Mama Mia’s).  I have been dying to go and I am so glad we finally made it – the food is amazing!

The walls of Back to Cuba are decorated with artwork portraying Cuban culture and Cuban maps.  It’s a year round paradise – don’t you want to visit??!!

There are only a handful of tables and you order at the counter.  I guess the menu adds to the art.  I love that their menu is hand written on colored paper with the drinks and desserts on a chalkboard with colored chalk.  It makes it feel very Mom & Pop-ish.

Look at my handsome date!

The entrees came with Cuban bread.  I love Cuban bread!!!  The Cuban bread that I am used to from growing up in Florida is buttered and then pressed.  Back to Cuba has a different yet still delectable take on it – their Cuban bread was lightly (very lightly) toasted so that the just the top and bottom are a little dry and then it is buttered.  I would love a slice or two right now!

Jon is an appetizer person so we decided to split a beef empanada with chimichurri sauce – and I am so glad that we did!  The beef empanada was so good; ground beef with just a little bit of flavorful spice added and the chimichurri sauce we delicious!

I ordered the steak palomilla, which is steak with onions and was served with black beans and rice and sweet plantains.  The steak and onions were delicious as were the rice and beans!  I don’t love sweet plantains so Jon ate mine.  I prefer tostones and there was a meal that came with those instead that I will be trying next week time.

Jon ordered some type of fish.  His meal came with a small salad instead of the black beans.  It was good till the last drop.

For dessert we tried the tres leches cake.  It was the only item we didn’t really care for (although Jon did finish it off).  Even though I have tried tres leches cake before I believe it was a texture issue since it is cake with liquid oozing out of it.  Jon tried cafe con leche – he loves a good coffee after a meal.

Jon loved his cafe con leche!

Back to Cuba Cafe was delicious – I can’t wait until our next visit!

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One Response to Back to Cuba Cafe

  1. Shannon says:

    You went to the Italian place close to there also, right? I live 5 minutes from there and have never thought to go to either of those restaurants because they look so sketchy. I’m glad you went so now I know it’s safe and the food’s good. Next time yall are over there, let me know, we live so close. We should get together for a double date since it appears we like the same stuff and are up for trying new places.

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