What would your blog name be?

Tonight Jon, Amanda (our roomie for only two more nights…boo) and I headed to Maggiano’s for dinner.  If you haven’t been in a while you should check them out!  Maggiano’s currently offers buy one-get one to take home on all of their classic pastas.  It really is a great deal!

Besides the yummy food we had a fun conversation!  I have mentioned to Amanda a few times that she should start a blog since she will be moving to Ohio.  Not only would this fulfill my daily Amanda fix, I think keeping a blog is a good way to keep friends and family updated on all the fun things she and Brad will be doing, seeing, eating and exploring in their new adopted city!  And then of course everyone will want to visit them.  Win-win, right?!

Since I am very persuasive – I know she is probably online creating a blog as we speak –  I had to ask ‘what will your blog name be?’.  Although she hasn’t settled on one she had a lot of fun and funny ideas (maybe once she decides I will be able to share her future blog about life in O-hi-o).

We all agreed Jon’s would be something about bicycling.  ‘I’m Bringing Spandex Back’ a la Justin Timberlake’s ‘I’m Bringing Sexy Back’ was a crowd favorite!  Tell me you didn’t hear the song playing in your head after you read Jon’s blog name!!

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