Greek Stromboli

You may have noticed I have been doing some cooking the last two weeks.  This is in part due to the fact that Jon & I were out of town for four (yes, four!) weekends in a row.  Which meant not a whole lot of grocery shopping or cooking during the week since I like to plan out meals and then grocery shop for the week on the weekend.  I love to cook so I am very happy to be a busy bee in the kitchen this week!

Why a stromboli you ask?  Good question!  My friend – and current roomie 🙂 – pointed out last night that a calzone has the marina sauce on the side, while a stromboli has the sauce inside the dish.  I had to verify this fact prior to sharing and per wikipedia she is correct: ‘Although most strombolis are rolled, strombolis have also been known to be prepared like a calzone, where the only difference is that a calzone has the sauce on the side, where the stromboli is served with sauce on the inside of the folded crust.’  So, a stromboli it is.

Here are the ingredients and the recipe for my very own Greek Stromboli:

  1. One package of Publix prepared uncooked dough
  2. +- 5 tablespoons of pizza sauce (to taste)
  3. Half a red pepper (I cut these in slivers & sautéed them first)
  4. 2 tomatoes (once the red pepper was cooked down I added these to be sautéed)
  5. 4 oz package Publix crumbled feta cheese (I emphasize Publix as it is way cheaper than the other brands – any store brand would probably be the same)
  6. 1 jar (maybe 4 ounces?) quartered artichoke hearts
  7. Greek olives to taste

Once you roll out the dough place it on baking sheet.  Put the sauce and rest of ingredients on half the stromboli.  Fold empty half on top of full half.  Use a fork along the edges so the ingredients don’t come out while cooking.  Cut two small air holes on top.  Place in 450 degree oven for 18 minutes (or until golden).  Cut, eat and enjoy 🙂

This recipe is something that we have been using for pizzas but it was truly delicious as a stomboli.  The artichokes stayed really moist (which is something they lose as a pizza).  I also usually use goat cheese but Publix was sold out, the feta was just as yummy!

I forgot yet again to take before & during pictures.  Here are two after pictures – I don’t feel it does this delicious stromboli (thanks Amanda) justice!

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