Scenes From the Couch: Part Beau

These are the scenes from our couch over the past 60 seconds…

This is what always happens every time Beau or Bella (or sometimes Beau & Bella if you know what I mean) hops on the couch – they get right up in your business.  No sense of personal space!  Am I a horrible parent for trying to fend my child off with an elbow?!

Once Beau got the point he laid down next to me.  This is his ‘are you sure you don’t want to pet me?’ face.  He’s also thinking maybe he missed a spot when he was licking my face.  *Photographer’s note: we do not have a stain on our couch.  We have a sheet over it and sometimes the sheet apparently smells and then tastes good.

I just picture him saying ‘here’s looking at you kid’.  Can you hear it?

Maybe I’ll try my sweet little puppy face now.

Fine I’m done with you.  Seriously, stop taking my picture.

I’ll just watch tv.  That is way more entertaining than you anyway.  I love that when he watches tv there is a minute where he is really concentrating on what is happening…and then he loses focus and falls asleep.

Oh my sweet little Beau!!  🙂

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2 Responses to Scenes From the Couch: Part Beau

  1. Shannon says:

    LOVE that winking pic!

  2. alilbitokic says:

    Me to! It was a total fluke!

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