Mojo marinated chicken with yellow rice

Last night I worked on using up the raw (as in not yet cooked) left-overs from the calzone we made earlier this week.

Jon and I are going to have spaghetti for dinner tonight so I decided to make the left-over spicy Italian turkey sausage into meatballs (I had two and 1/2 links left).  I didn’t add a thing to the meat – I just grabbed little meatball-sized portions out of the sausage casing one at a time.  I fried them on the stove for about 10 minutes flipping as needed.

Finished product: super easy and very tasty!  I know because I had a few as part of my lunch today 🙂  Now all I have to do tonight is throw them in the spaghetti sauce.

For dinner last night we used up:

Half a bushel of left-over asparagus.  Jon grills these and they are delicious!  He grills them in aluminum foil with a little oil and salt & pepper.  Yum!  We use a recipe from a grilling book we have but here is an online version that sounds similar.

We also had some yellow rice with onions and peppers (this is simple and also delicious!).  Prepare the yellow rice as instructed on the bag.

Saute onions and peppers separate from the rice.  This is important!  You want the onions and peppers to saute as you are cooking the rice and want them to be ready about the same time.  Once both are ready, you mix them together.  If you mix the peppers in the rice before the rice is ready it is not as tasty (since the rice didn’t obsorbe all the water it shared with the onions and peppers).  Trust me on this!  Look at all the pretty colors.

Our protein was chicken breast.  And not just your ordinary chicken…this was marinated in Mojo sauce.  Jon and I LOVE LOVE LOVE mojo sauce.  It is fruity but garlicy but deliciousness!  It adds just a subtle flavor to the meat.  Whenever we make something with chicken breasts and have extra left over, I butterfly the chicken breast and throw it in a ziplock bag with some mojo sauce (maybe about a 1/4 cup or less).  Then all we have to do is defrost the chicken and it is so good!  We pretty much always have at least one waiting in our freezer.  Jon cooked our chicken on the grill and it rounded out our meal.

Look at all this good food!  And it was ALL leftovers made into another meal.   We even had leftover Valentine’s Day cake for dessert. My wallet is smiling right now 🙂

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