Dulce Desserts

Jon out did himself this Valentine’s Day!  He surprised me with flowers and a cake from local bakery Dulce Desserts.  Dulce Desserts is located in Edgehill Village which is walking distance from our house.  This is our third different yet delicious cake from them.  You will not be disappointed in the taste or appearance of your cake and it is always nice to support local businesses.

On our way home from work on Monday Jon took a detour and parked in front of Dulce Desserts to pick-up the cake he ordered last week.  I was so surprised since he had already sent me flowers!

When he called to place the order he told them that we love their chocolate ganache and then pretty much left the rest up to them.  I think that heart was a sweet touch for valentine’s day!

This is their strawberry cake: European buttercake layered with vanilla buttercream and fresh strawberries with chocolate ganache all around it.  When we cut into it, the cake smelled like strawberry shortcake…yum!  The combination was so delicious!  We are eating little slivers everyday to savor the cake!

You can see all the wonderful sweets that Dulce Desserts offers here.  If you stop in during their store hours they always have cookies and cupcakes in their display case that you can take home for a snack later.

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