Yesterday was our Valentine’s Day shindig at work.  I think that we had 100% participation in the valentines exchange.  I taped all of mine on the wall of my cube in a collage.  I loved that one of my co-workers took the time to write little notes to everyone…and I especially love that his sentiment to me was that he loves my laughter 🙂

My sweet husband who knows that I LOVE flowers had some delivered to my office to brighten my day.  I like that 1-800-flowers offers a ‘smile guarantee’.  I am pretty sure they’re right 🙂

Yes, they come in a box.

Yes, they come with an instruction booklet – a page for each type of flower that they deliver.  And two (not one, but two) packets of flower food.  They want to ensure that their flowers last and help with that smile guarantee 🙂

The instruction booklet told me to leave the flowers in the plastic sleeve for the first 12-18 hours while they drink water and flower food and perk up.  This is the first time that I have remembered to do this versus being so excited I just tear off the plastic…and then attempt to get it back on.

I was greeted by these beautiful tulips when I got to work this morning and cut off the plastic sleeve!

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