Harry & David Pie Club

We usually get Jon’s parents Christmas gifts that they can enjoy together – one year a night at a hotel they enjoy in St. Augustine, last year tickets to Cirque Du Soleil. Well, this year we wanted to get them something they could enjoy on Christmas Eve or Christmas day (since we wouldn’t be there to help them celebrate) but also something that would maybe last awhile.  Well, I think we succeeded: while Jon and I were in Florida last week we were able to taste the Christmas gift we ordered for his parents this. No, it hadn’t been sitting around on the counter since December, it was fresh!

For Christmas we ordered them a six month membership to the Harry & David pie of the month club.  Harry and David ships each pie independently (and notifies me each month that the pie has shipped).  The pies are frozen, placed in a large mailing box and surrounded by lots of dry ice.  Jon’s parents said that each pie has made it safely, in one piece and still frozen solid!

They received this official membership welcome letter. I like that they list the months and pies so that his parents know what to look forward to.

This was the last slice left of the Marionberry pie.  I love the fuchsia color!

The apple pie had just been delivered earlier in the week so we got to try it.  It was so yummy!  It was especially delicious with some vanilla ice cream and some maple syrup dripped over it!!

You can gift someone with Harry & David pie of the month year round (or just order one pie from them).  They offer them starting in every month and the pies, prices and lengths differ.  Don’t let the prices fool you – a simple google search will provide you with lots of coupon code options 🙂

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