I am always trying to find fun and unique gifts for birthdays (I don’t always succeed but I do try).  There is nothing better than opening a gift from someone who really knows you 🙂

Well, Tuesday is Amanda’s birthday but we are celebrating tonight.  I wanted to find something half marathon related for her since we are walking it together and walking or running a half marathon is something that should be celebrated!

I searched Etsy but didn’t love any of their 13.1 or half marathon items.  I did come across some personalized necklaces and key chains though – but they were mostly advertised as family necklaces (they had the Mom’s name with the kids names).  I didn’t want to do a necklace but found a key chain that ended up being perfect for what I wanted inscribed on it.  It is a small four-sided copper key chain.

It arrived on Tuesday and was already packaged in a cute little bag.

The four sides are: Amanda (duh!)

Nashville: since we are completing the Music City Marathon in Nashville

04.30.11 – the date of this momentous accomplishment

and 13.1 since that’s how long a half marathon is.

It really is a good small size and won’t make her key chain too clunky.  Even though it is small you can clearly read all of the inscriptions.

I hope that this will serve as a training reminder and give her that extra push on the days she doesn’t feel like walking; but also remind her after the fact of how strong she is and what she can accomplish!

If you are interested in getting a personalized gift for someone Etsy really does have tons and tons of options!  You could literally wade through pages all day.  I found this particular key chain in Divine Stampings’ Etsy store.  This particular store had a quick turnaround time (I received the finished product in about 4 or 5 days) and I am very happy with the quality.

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