Valentine’s Day cards on the cheap!

My office likes to celebrate holidays!  We usually do potlucks on or around the holiday in our conference room.  The potlucks are a great way of getting everyone together and tasting the yummy food my co-workers make!

In honor of Valentine’s Day we are having an appetizer and dessert styled potluck.  And here’s the kicker…the hosts of this potluck requested that we also get valentine’s day cards for everyone.  Huh??!!  I thought I already graduated from kindergarten? I thought this idea was kind of cheesy and didn’t really want to spend the money on valentines that I thought everyone would throw away.  I have been putting off buying the valentines for a few weeks now.  Well, this morning I started doing a little googling and found some cute, free, printable valentines…SCORE!

I chose the ‘animals made from hearts‘ group and they were perfect for what I needed.  There were five different templates and each template printed four different valentine cards to one standard 8×10 page.  It worked out great for me since I needed 18 valentines and this way there are no repeats.  They offer a color or black and white option – I went with black and white and printed them to some pink card stock paper we had at the office.

They were quick – all I had to do was print, cut (along the dotted lines) and address each valentine.  I think they turned out super cute – even for adults!  If you are looking for a cute, non-edible way to make your co-workers smile look into giving everyone a valentine.  I am sure it would make their day!

You could even use these to do something like this.

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