Olive & Sinclair

Last week Jon & I attended WaterCooler.  WaterCooler is a monthly networking event for young entrepreneurs and it seems like they have been lucky enough to host some local entrepreneurs as speakers (owners/founders of Bongo Java & Yazoo).  I heard about WaterCooler back in December but due to the snow the meeting kept getting rescheulded. 

Jon and I were very excited since this month’s WaterCooler was being held at Olive & Sinclair – a Nashville Chocolate company that we LOVE!  Founder/Owner/Maker Scott Witherow was on hand to give us a tour of their operation, answer any questions, let us try their different chocolate flavors and of course…let us buy a bar or two to take home!

One of the Watercooler founders, Stephen Zralek, has an interview with Scott, on his blog.  The interview covers a lot of the information that Scott shared with us during the tour of Olive & Sinclair.  It amazes me that he has only been in business for about 15 months and is already distributing with major retailers (Williams-Sonoma), in 48 states, and in Canada!

You can visit the Olive & Sinclair website to learn about them.  I highly recommend buying a bar the next time you see one! If you visit O & S on McGavock Pike make sure you bring cash as that is the only form of payment they currently accept (this isn’t Hershey’s so be prepared to pay about $6ish a bar).  Jon’s favorite was the almond one.  My favorite was the Mexican styled chocolate – YUM!  It is a little grainy (in a GOOD way!) and offers a little kick of spice in each bite.

Look at all these flavors…don’t you wanna try it???

Photo from O&S website.  You can see more photos about how their chocolate is made here.

If you are interested in attending the next WaterCooler event you can e-mail Kristi at kseamon@bonelaw.com and request to be added to their WaterCooler e-mail list.  Hope to see you there!

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