My walk home

True story: I am probably one of the very few Nashvillians left that still loves the snow (maybe a handful of us left…maybe only me after today?!)!  I am happy to report that Nashville saw more snow again today!  This snow came in pretty fast and hit just before rush-hour (which is the equivalent of a state of emergency here in two plow town).  Jon and I usually carpool in the winter but since he had been on the road for almost an hour and was still nowhere in sight I decided to walk home in the snow.  Even though this was an unexpected way of getting home it was lovely 🙂

Things I am thankful for today:

  1. That I wear Uggs to work everyday even though ‘they’re called Uggs cause they’re ugly’. I wouldn’t have made it home without falling in flats.
  2. That I live one mile from where I work.
  3. That I live walking distance home from work!
  4. That my phone has a camera – even though it doesn’t take great pictures


Vanderbilt’s campus looked beautiful covered in snow!

Things Jon is thankful for today:

  1. That he has an FJ.
  2. That his FJ has 4WD.
  3. That his FJ is lifted and can hop curbs.

Things Jon is not thankful for today:

  1. That everyone else on the roads does not have any of the above.
  2. That it took him two hours to drive home (see #1 above).

I am happy that I can now legitimately tell my kids that I walked home up-hill in the snow!  And this is what I looked like after that endeavor (please note the icicles on my eyelashes):

Update: from the Tennessean the morning after. 

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3 Responses to My walk home

  1. Shannon says:

    You were smart to walk! It was AWFUL. My 25 minute commute took 2.5 hours! Ugh!

  2. alilbitokic says:

    Yeah, I saw all kinds of crazy amounts of time people’s commutes were taking!

  3. Val says:

    Yup, mine was more than two hours as well. I can’t believe you had icicles on your eyelashes!

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