Week 2

I am very happy to report that after a week-long hiatus of half marathon training, Amanda and I are back on the wagon.  I won’t get into the excuses reasons for our week-long break (weather, business trips, vacations) but I am glad (and proud) we were able to fulfill our three days of walking this week.  We met up on Tuesday and Thursday for our weekday three-mile walks and I completed my weekend walk this morning in Florida.

Correction: I finished week two of half marathon training very early this morning; the sun wasn’t even up yet.  Jon wanted to go for a bicycle ride so his parents and I dropped him off for a group ride and headed out for our own group walk. 

We walked back-and-forth three times on a bridge in Vero Beach.  Due to some miscalculations (on Jon’s part) we ended up walking 5.4 miles.  Our total time was an hour and 34 minutes which means we kept a steady 17.40 minute/mile pace.  Not too bad considering it was incline to the top each way.  The weather was absolutely perfect for a morning walk – mid 60s and a little breezy, especially at the top of the bridge.

Looking forward to six miles next weekend!  Just in case you missed it, this is the 16 week half marathon walkers training schedule Amanda and I are using.

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