Ice Cream 101

Jon and I just completed Penn State’s Ice Cream 101.  It was a very informative and tasty weekend! I think we are both ready for a long nap after our two intensive days of learning about ice cream manufacturing.  Can’t wait to put some of what we learned to good use 🙂

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2 Responses to Ice Cream 101

  1. Jason Hocker says:

    What did you learn? Would you recommend it? I’m interested in improving my home-made ice cream – do you think this course would help? Do you happen to know how this differs from the week long course?

    • Katie Cherry says:

      Hi Jason,
      I believe that the short course differs from the week long course in that it covers the same topics but the week long course goes in much more depth for each topic. It is my understanding that the week long course is geared more towards people in the industry. If you contact Robert Roberts the person in charge of the ice cream courses he can help guide you.

      I enjoyed the course although I do think it was a little bit of information overload. It is an intensive weekend. The price includes a binder with most of the information in it, which is helpful so that you can reference it later. I would recommend the course for someone that makes a lot of ice cream at home already or someone that wants to start an ice cream business. I wish I would have known more of the science prior to the course so that the course could deepen my knowledge versus educating me. They did have a lot of good and knowledgeable speakers and it was such a fun atmosphere if you really love ice cream!!

      You can probably find most of the information online or in an ice cream recipe book. Jeni’s splendid ice creams at home is a recipe book I would recommend. She acutally took one of the Penn state courses and dumbs some of the information down.

      Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

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