The Grilled Cheeserie

I tried The Grilled Cheeserie for lunch today with some co-workers.  I had heard about this trendy food truck two months back when I read a review in the Nashville Scene.  I was very excited as I have heard of food trucks (I know there are some other ones in Nashville) but I have never been to one here.

We read online that they were going to be in our area for lunch today so we decided to head over.  We arrived about five minutes after their noon shift started.  We apparently missed the memo that read to come early or there will be a line!  It took about 45 minutes of waiting in line to order and then another 5 for the sandwiches to be ready.

The consensus: worth the wait!!  I ordered the buttermilk cheddar on sourdough with sliced tomato and carmelized onions.  I also tried their tater tots which had a delicious seasoning on them!  Perfect for the walk back to the office 🙂

Here is a photo from their facebook page.  You can follow them to see where they will pop up next and any specials that they have.

Here is a photo of the entire truck – I was super excited the first time Jon and I passed it!  Photo credit: the Nashville Scene.

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