Four-legged friends

This weekend we watched Gus, our friend’s American Bulldog.  Gus is huge compared to Beau and Bella!  He probably weighs around 130 pounds…and it is all love!  Jon and I both always enjoy watching Gus because of the aforementioned love, he likes to cuddle with us on the couch, he enjoys playing puts up with Beau and Bella and we hope that one of these times Beau and Bella will learn from Gus since he is older and wiser!

Gus was granted couch privileges from the couch gods.  I love how he has his paw on Jon’s leg.  True love!

Why doesn’t sweet Gus look happy here you ask?

Because of Bella…

She is taking up his entire dog bed by laying smack-dap in the center.

Poor Gus!

Here is a picture of happier times: it was spring outside and Gus and Bella were teaming-up on Beau.  No bed snatching here!

Look at that sweet face!

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