Country Showdown

Last Thursday night, my neighbor Angie and I went to see the Texaco Country Showdown at the Ryman Auditorium.  This was the National final for the Country Showdown.  There were five regional finalists competing at this FREE event that was being taped for tv (though they did say it was a pilot that they hoped would be picked up).  LeAnn Rimes was the hostess with the mostess.

I happened upon these tickets on the Ryman’s website.  Jon and I had only been to the Ryman for a concert once before but loved the experience, so when I saw that the Country Showdown tickets were free I knew we had to go!  Unfortunately, Jon caught the flu and couldn’t go; but, Angie was a great stand-in 🙂

Angie and I were both very impressed!  All of the performers were super talented.  They each performed two songs and all but one song was written by the performer.

Maybe you’ll see us on tv!

Hyping the crowd before the big show.  They had us clap four times (one for each performer).  They even had us ‘laugh’ two or three times.  I guess just in case they don’t get the right reaction this way they will have something to use when it plays on tv.

LeAnn Rimes performing.  This was my first time seeing her live – she has a beautiful voice!  She was tall and tiny in person…and we could see the new engagement bling sparkling from our seats.

This was the first performer, Carin Mari.  She was my favorite!  She was definitely country western, with a little yodeling.  She played two songs that she wrote; both were outstanding!  You can visit Carin’s website and hear her music here.  I recommend ‘Fire and Rain’.

And the winner is…drum roll please….Jaclyn North! 

Here is a photo of Jaclyn performing.  Her music was more country-rock.  She was very talented!  The program bio stated that she has already been making her way around the honky-tonks in Nashville.  Maybe we will see her next time we are out on Broadway 🙂

I will definitely have to be on the look-out for next year’s County Showdown!

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