Day 1!


Sit down before reading this!!  If not, you might faint and hit your head!!

This year instead of making New Year’s resolutions (everyone breaks them anyways, right?) I decided to set 2011 goals for myself.  They don’t have to be something that I will be working towards all year-long; some can be short-term goals and some can be long-term (a year or more).  Since I decided to set goals I knew they needed to be measurable, specific, time-limited, written down and most importantly realistic and attainable.

About a week ago I set my first goal for 2011.  Since it should be written down I have decided to share with all my loyal readers (yes, that one person out there).  My goal: walk the Country Music Half Marathon in April!!!  For those of you who don’t know a half marathon is a little over 13 miles; and marathons and half marathons have time limits.  I must complete the half marathon in 4 hours.

This is a goal that still somewhat surprises me (and is probably shocking you, if you know me at all).  In fact, when I shared this goal with Jon he said (and yes this is a quote) “…you sound…excited.”  I have never been into challenging myself physically but thought that this would be a great place to start and a great way to push myself.

One of the best parts of this goal is that I found a friend to share my goal.  The wonderful Amanda is going to complete the half marathon with me!!  YAY!!! Go team Katie & Amanda 🙂  Not only does this mean that we can train together and push each other; but we can meet our goal together when we cross the finish line on April 30th!

I was able to find a free training schedule online here and tonight was day 1 of training.  We walked for 3 miles at about a 17:20 pace.  Not bad for the first day, if I may say so myself.

Since Amanda and I met up late tonight Jon was kind enough to make dinner when I got home.  Grilled cheese sandwiches and tater tots a la Jon – what a treat!

Buttering the bread

Cutting the roasted red pepper for my sandwich.  Jon had boring old grilled ham and cheese.

Putting the tater tots in the oven.  Please note the nice rows that Jon put them in (I would have just thrown them on the sheet).  Maybe he should cook more often?

Nothing like a home-cooked meal in front of the tv.  

Yummy grilled cheese with roasted red pepper sandwich!!!

What a great way to end day 1 🙂  Maybe one of my goals should be to have Jon do more cooking…but, would that be realistic or attainable?

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