I am always so happy to see snow.  Whether its falling or just sitting on the ground I love it!  It totally makes my day 🙂  There is a downside to all the snow though…and it is called MUD!  When it rains you know to expect the mud right then and there.  When it snows you have no idea when the mud will hit.  Could be that the snow melts that day and the mud is created instantly; could be that it melts a week later.   This weekend happened to be our week later melting-muddy-mess-athon!

This is Gus…he spent the weekend hanging out Beau & Bella.  Gus also helped with the melting-muddy-mess-athon.  He looks so sweet sleeping here though 🙂

This is what was happening outside when the dogs were playing:

Here is a close up just in case you can’t see the melting-muddy-mess-athon that was in progress:

This is what happens when all of that comes inside:       

I am happy that the dogs had tons of fun playing together and creating the muddy pit we call our backyard.  I am even happier that the floors are now clean thanks to Jon 🙂

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