Lets Go Preds! Lets Go Preds!

Last night we headed to our first Nashville Predators game of 2011.  Though it is our first game of the year, we have attended a handful of games this season thanks to our Flex 10 ticket package (Jon’s anniversary gift from his lovely wife).  The Flex 10 includes 10 games of your choice plus tons of season ticket holder (STH) extras…yes, we are considered season ticket holders even though we only have a 10 game package!  We received free tickets to two pre-season games, free lower bowl tickets to the first game of the season, four additional lover bowl tickets to our game(s) of choice and they have specials for STHs each game (ex: free drink with purchase of nachos).  Buying the Flex 10 package has definitely been worth it!!

Last night the Preds took on the Chicago Blackhawks, the reigning Stanley Cup champs.  I am happy to report the Preds won 3-2 in overtime!  GO PREDS!!!

Jon holding our STH passes.

We arrived in style…on the free bus: the Music City Circuit.  Some Chicagoans were also on the bus and could not believe it is 100% free.  I think they might move here just because of that soon.

This is Gnash the Preds mascot.  The team skates in through this at the start of every game.

Sold out!!

We have nose bleeds…which I prefer to the glass seats we have been fortunate to try this season.  It is easier for me to keep up with the action when I can see the entire rink.

There was a celebrity in the audience.  They showed him on the megatron and then I was able to find his box from wayyyyy across the ice.  I am a celebrity stalker extraordinaire!

Why in the orange shirt its Zach Galifianakis, the bearded guy in The Hangover.

Maybe this will jog your memory:

Shoot-out winning goal of the game!

Another great game!

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